AVANTAGE 3 > Follow-up over time

3D models of the same patient articulation, knee or hip, obtained from images at different times can be registered in order to directly compute thickness and volume changes over time.

AVANTAGE 2 > 3D Modelling

The cartilage surfaces of the articulation, knee or hip, are represented as 3D models from which thickness and volume measurements can be obtained for any region of interest.

AVANTAGE 1 > Accuracy and Precision

The cartilage structure is meticulously and precisely delineated in more than 100 consecutive magnetic resonance images, thus allowing the creation of 3D models with unprecedented levels of accuracy.


Cartiscope™ : An innovative technological support for drug development.

ArthroVision has developed a unique and patented technology for measuring cartilage thickness of various joints in the human body and for tracking cartilage losses over time. The 3D model of the cartilage surface of each patient is created from magnetic resonance images of the selected joint. This 3D model can then be compared with other 3D models of the same joint obtained at subsequent times, thus allowing a direct assessment of cartilage changes over time.


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